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Big Thunder 2012

Big Thunder 2012- XVIII

Thunder 11 Pack over Steelers Super Bowl XLV Year

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Thunder History

Big Thunder XVII 2011 Stayed at Redwood House (VRBO # 65363) You Tube movie of Big Thunder 2011 Who Went: Barry, Dave O., Jim, Tony, Bob, Dave V., Lloyd.

Who Didn?t: Hoody out at last second, Martin had unfortunate vision issues, Bill had big plans for Africa, Rich just out,

When: Left on Sat 2/5/11 at 8:00, returned Wed 2/9/2011 at 6:00pm.

We had two groups. Tony traveled from his home in Vancouver Washington in his truck. The rest traveled from SB in rented thunder van. Tony made it to the cabin a couple of hours ahead of the rest and took care of hot tub, groceries, etc.

Where: Went to North Tahoe. Stayed for the first time at the Agate Bay Redwood House 5896 Victoria Road Carnelian Bay. Place was about a mile off lake back in a quiet development. Great Hot tub, 4 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms and a bunk room that was decked out with 4 bunks, air hockey table, bar and small kitchen. Great kitchen, dining room with huge poker table, family room with TV and sounds.

Ski: Sunday ? Northstar. Sunny day, a little warm but plenty of snow. We just worked our way around mountain to find the sweet spots. Left at 2:00pm to get back to see the super bowl.

Monday ? Alpine Meadows. Another Warm Day with a little wind picking up after lunch, Great break at the mid chalet.

Tuesday ? Planned to go to Mount Rose but looked like white-out so went to Homewood instead. Cloudy day with breaks of sun. It was cold (around 20 degrees). Snow was slick and never really broke up.

Dinners: Saturday. Ate tony?s spaghetti he brought up with special garlic bread constructed by Lloyd and green salad by barry.

Super bowl Sunday: Dave V cooked up some ribs on the BBQ along with brats and corn. Lots of other snack goodies while watching superbowl.

Monday: Leftovers

Tuesday: Went to steamers for pizza and salad ? good stuff.

Thunder Saying: Glory Hole

Thunder Spirit Award: Jim for bringing Patron.

Thunder Memories:

Furnace going out on Sat. Night ? Tony and Coach relit it on Sunday morning ? glad it wasn?t like last year!

Superbowl! ? Packers against Steelers with Packers winning.

Superbowl betting. At the casino there were bets on everything from who would score first to who snapped last in half, and on and on and on. No one won any of these. Commish lost a side bet to Bob foolishly taking the Steelers.

Tony created new type of bluffing at poker ? just call the bet.

Dave O. came up with perfect 7-27 hand (4 ? Ace, Ace, Ace). Won low and high

Dave O. and Doubledown winners at cabin and casino.

Dave V. turned us on to Liftopia for discount ski tickets.

Great Hottub.

Tony locking keys in Van at lunch Wednesday at Homewood. Had to wait until AAA came before he got back on hill.

Gear tents at Alpine Meadows

Waxing skiis in the laundry room

Big Thunder XVI 2010

Thunder 16 Records and Facts

Location- Back at Morganhause Kings Beach- 5bdrm 3bath 8 beds +converible Hot Tub

Driving up from So Cal : Barry, Coach, Smoke, Bill, Double Down, Jim. Driving high plains drifter from the Northwest, T Bone.

Sign on Tahoe Dave's appreciating Tahoe Olympians

Day 1- Beautiful day at Alpine.

Trip Summary- Morganhouse- No heat 1st 2 days, no firewood. Had to use survival instincts- esp Coach, the Fire Starter. All in all, 3 days of good hard skiing. Mar 7, great day at Alpine Meadows. Mar 8, Almost made it to Sugar Bowl, but wound up at Northstar. Mar 9, 2-fer Tuesday at Mt Rose. Great tree skiing. On the road home, washer fluid freeze. Double Down sets record for passing cars on 46, with 4 cars and 2 semis in one move.

Movie on Big Thunder 2010 Movie

Big Thunder XV 2009

Roster- Bill, T-Bone, Coach, Barry, Double Down, Smoke, Jim

Back on Dolly Varden on north shore. 1st night Double Down Shrimp Crepes were huge hit. Smoke recovering from cold skipped 1st day Ski Homewood, Spring skiing with excellent snow. Day ended with drizzle moving in. Barry and Jim took the experts only "Steep and Deep" run. Poker game Malcolm in the Middle introduced. Dinner was costco beef tenderloin on grill.

Highlight was the Helmet Cam

Day 2- the Dolly Varden curse- steady drizzle.

Took roadie to Carson Valley Inn and Grover Hot Springs. Coach big winner in poker. Day 3 was St Patties at ski Mt Rose.

Big Thunder XIV 2008

Roster- Bill, T-Bone, Coach, Barry for 1.5 days (Rode up in van, flew home), Hoody, Double Down, Martin, Smoke, and Commish

Second year in Brockway House VRBO 13885. Great kitchen, hot tub, and walk to Cal Neva.
Everyone rode up in van. Notable memory- stopped on I-80 due to snow and only 1 12 pack. Double down stopping traffic. Notable meal- Fish and Chips with home made Tartar sauce by Chef Martin. Skiied Squaw then Mt Rose 2 days in row. Weather was all pure bluebird skies with warm temps, no wind, and solid snow base.
Another notable memory was Hoody's repair to his bindings and full Patron bottle in Von's parking lot.
Pix in Costco Group Room

Big Thunder XII 2007

Semi dysfunctional travel, with Commish and Coach driving separately to take advantage of a snowfall after a very dry year. Stayed in house in Brockway with great kitchen and walking distance to Cal Neva resort.

Big Thunder XII 2006

Where:   North Lake Tahoe@ 8577 Dolly Varden, KingsBeach, Ca 96143.    VRBO 55451.   4 bedroom, 2 bath downscaled from thunder pads but great house for the price.   Game Room not really usable but exceptionable hot tub. 

When:  Saturday Feb. 25 thru Wednesday Mar 1 2006

Who:   Martin, Lloyd, Dave O., Dave V., Barry, Jim, Tony, Bill, Eric, Bob

How:   chevy thunder van from Enterprise

Ski notes:  Only Skied 2 days due to rain.  Sunday at Squaw, windy with a lot of lifts not running. Not much memorable.   Monday was rainy so we sat it out.   Tuesday was at Mount Rose( 2 for 1 price); great snow!  Sat on road for 45minutes - almost turned around. Fresh powder on the backside.  Weather was windy with some white out but the powder was worth it.  Tree skiing was especially good. 


Thunder Spirit Award to Barry:  Bound and determined to keep it going on Monday night, but was at the top of his ski game on Tuesday.  We were impressed.

Food:  Chicken Piala by Martin, Lloyds famous stew, chili and Garwood Inn happy hour.  Lloyd eased the pain with his candy bars.   Garlic bread would have rivaled Garwoods except it was slightly overcooked.

Poker:  Casino Dave racked it up at Crystal Bay Club on Tuesday night (can‚ print amount due to IRS issues).  Bill and Smokey were also in the black.  Martin took top honors at the house with ‚winner take all‚ Night Baseball (Barry, Coach, and Bob in final hand)

Other Gaming:   Commish dominated backgammon (claimed to have karma control).

Rain out day on Monday:   Went to Incline Village Bowling Center- Awesome day.  Bowled, played Pool, and great time on golf simulator.   Hoodie worked the video poker (or visa versa).  Bob successfully hit the bowling pin gate when it was down ‚this clearly exposed his bowling prow less (some believe Tony hit the reset button at the wrong time).

Movie favorites:  Clint in Outlaw Josey Wales, Brazil

Thunder Phase:  We used the ‚. out of it.  Katelan at Garwood‚ ‚re ! you going to be babies and stop drinking?

Best Ski crash: tony tipped on flat ground and couldn‚ get up (getting old).

Most under used tool:  bobs razor (ask Barry)


Big Thunder XI- 2005 Southshore

Hoody out due to ACL

Beautiful conditions

Where: South Lake Tahoe@ 1437 Wildwood. Stayed at house in sight of Heavenly. 5 bedroom, 4 bath Monster. Game room with pool table and ping pong table. Great Hottub, Big screen TV. Kitchen was weak.

When: Saturday Feb. 26 thru Wednesday March 3rd

Who: Martin, Lloyd, Dave O., Dave V., Barry, Jim, Tony

How: Tony?s Avalance ( with thunder horns), Dave?s Toyota Truck, Barry?s Rental Jeep

Ski notes: Skied all 3 days at Kirkwood, great snow. Got 6-12 inches of powder on Sunday night. Board Boy was in heaven, most of us sucked but keep on swooshing.

Last day was only Jim, Tony, Lloyd.&nb! sp; Dave O. and Martin drove back Tuesday Morning, Smokey was cabin boy.


* Bill and Bob Bailing (bummer)

* Hoody damaged goods ? a no go

* Barry went early, flew into Reno, met us on Sat. night

* Dumped the thunder van ? to many wafflers

* Jim?s SIRUS radio was big ? non stop music, football, etc.

* Martin?s cooking a thing of beauty (fish, soup, salad)

* Barry?s double bake on Sunday

* Barry actually looked like he knew how to ski powder

* Jim actually won at thunder poker ? gave it to the casino playing craps

* Buffet at Harrahs on Monday night ? no seafood night ? bummer

* Great Movies on the BIG screen

* Nice Hot tub, big black dog became our guest

* Still didn?t finish the Gin

* Turkey(s)

* Beer from Argentina

* Really Big House

* Glider chairs



Big Thunder X- 2004 Utah

Travel was mixed- Flying in on Sat 2/21 was Barry, Tony, Bob, Bill, Coach, Smoke, Martin, and waffling out of the road trip was Double Down on the big R nickel. Hoody and Jim left Fri in the Mitsubishi Endeavor with Thunder Bull Horns.


Big Thunder IX: 2003 Went to Northshore (Saturday: Wednesday)

Car: Rented thundervan with tinted windows (7:00 am start time)

Who: Dave O., Dave V. Bill R. Tony C. Lloyd, Eric, Jim, Martin,

Stayed: Jollymore house in Dollar Point at Northshore Tahoe. 4 bedroom with plenty of beds. Nice setup with Kitchen, Dining Room and Living Room all one room

Ski: Squaw, alpine, Northstar, Squaw and Alpine were good, Northstar was cloudy and a bit icy.

Weather: Warm and Sunny on Sunday, Monday. Overcast on Tuesday

Food: Martin hooked up some awesome salmon and prawns from Jordanos. The meals were incredible. Tony brought up some Beef and Pork Ribs. Lloyd brought up some great ?. Martin cooked ? on Tuesday night. We didn't go out to eat but had happy hour at Garwoods (great appetizers)



Big Thunder XIII: 2002 Went to Northshore (Saturday: Wednesday)

Car: Rented thundervan (not the triton v10 but ok): no tinted windows

Who: Dave O., Dave V. Bill R. Tony C. Lloyd, Eric, Jim, Martin, Barry, Bob

Stayed: Thunder house north. Big 6 bedroom house with pool table, hot tub, lots of room

Ski: Squaw, alpine, Northstar


Food: The salmon that wouldn't die, homemade chicago pizza pie by Jim (4 pounds of meat each), double bake of course. Awesome dinner out.

Big Thunder XII: 2001 Southshore

Car: Second year of thunder van (used hertz, our original scheduled van from enterprise got crashed

Roster: Dave O., Dave V, Bill, Tony, Lloyd, Eric, Jim, Martin, Barry

Stayed: Private House at Tahoe Keys

Ski: Kirkwood, Kirkwood, Homewood


Big Thunder XI 2000 Went back to Northshore

Car: First year of thundervan, a brainstorm by Jim (V10 Triton)

Who: Dave O., Dave V, Bill, tony, Bob, Jim, Eric, Barry, Lloyd

Stayed Kingswood

Ski: Northstar, Alpine, Squaw


Eric fell playing football in Ventura

Fat Tuesday with waitress at top of squaw

Tony slept in closet

Went to Reno


Big Thunder V: 1999. Went to Mammoth

Who: Dave O, Dave V, Bill, Tony, Lloyd, Martin, Jim, Eric, Barry, Bob

Car: tony truck, martin truck, smoky's benz, lloyd's van

Ski: Mammoth, June, Mammoth (snow sucked)

Where: Big condo


Big Thunder IV: 1998. Back to northshore.

Left on Saturday, back on Wednesday

Who: Dave O, Dave V, Bill, Tony, Rich, Jim, Bob, Martin

Car: Dave's green Jimmy, Jim's sport

In townhome at kingswood

Ski: Alpine Meadows, Apline again, Rose




Big Thunder III 1997. Northshore

Left on Wednesday back on Sunday

Went to North Shore:

Who: Lloyd, Tony, Dave O, Dave V, Bob, Bill, Jose, Eric

Car: Barry's van and Eric's Jeep (Flat tire and new headlight)

Ski: Northstar, Alpine, half day at Rose


Big Thunder II: 1996,

Who: Lloyd, Tony, Bob G., Dave O, Dave V, Barry, Bill

Car: Dave's Van, and Bob's Truck

Trip: Left on Wednesday back on Sunday Snowed on way in, had to use chains

Where: Townhome with the dorm upstairs

Ski: Heavenly, Kirkwood, Snow on third day


Big Thunder I: 1995

Who: Richard, Bill, Dave O, Dave V, Barry, Eric

Car: Richard's bald tire suburban. Alternator went out in Cholame on way back. 4 wheel drive went out on trip up.

Where to: Went to South Shore Lake Tahoe.Eric, Start on Wednesday and back on Sunday -2 bedroom condo with Swedish fireplace with no firewood, just used gas.

Ski: Day one at Heavenly, Day two skipped due to snow, Day three back at Heavenly






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